Participating Guilds 2018

Florida West Coast Bead Society

Promotes learning and creativity in the art of beadwork for personal and professional growth.  Monthly meetings all year.

Manasota Weavers Guild

Dedicated to the preservation and advancement of the fiber arts; offering community outreach programs to promote awareness and appreciation of the fiber arts.  Monthly meeting September through May.

Sarasota Shell Club-Artisan Division

Our objectives are to emphasize the importance of teaching new generations about shells and provide a venue for  collectors and artisans to  exhibit.  Meetings are held monthly September through April.

Southwest Yarn Guild

If you like to create, think outside and get
funky with yarns, then this group is for you!  Meetings on alternate months.

Surface Design Guild Sarasota

This guild’s purpose is to increase community awareness of surface design and to offer educational, exhibition, and sales opportunities for members.  Twice monthly meetings all year.

Venetian Society of Basket Weavers

Purpose is to encourage proficiency and excellence with diverse fibers and forms in the art of basket weaving; to share knowledge of weaving methods.  Monthly meetings October – May.