The annual show and sale is set up in a ‘boutique-style’, intermingling artists works in creative displays. This sets it apart from the more typical shows that are comprised of booths and grids. Attendees and artists mingle in the comfortable, casual and congenial atmosphere of this arrangement. FAB showcases some of the most unique art and fine craft artists in the Sarasota community and surrounding areas, many who have received national and international acclaim.

FAB artists create innovative and uinque designs that blend traditional art and craft techniques with contemporary twists. The exhibit and sale offers wearable art, such as hand dyed silks, felted beaded hand bags, and needle-woven and semi-precious strung jewelry. Other treasures, some purely decorative as well as functional art, include: woven baskets incorporating semi-precious stones, feathers and antlers, woven wall hangings, wire work, hand-turned wood items, hand made paper items and much more.

​FAB encourages excellence among the participating guilds and keeps traditional handwork alive and thriving. It’s a celebration of artistic endeavors and a tribute to the breadth and scope of human creativity. We look forward to continuing this event for many years to come!

History of FAB

FAB began in 2000 as the brainchild of Pat Fox, a Manasota Weavers Guild member since 1989, and new member of the Guild, Kathie Hayes.  Pat Fox , as Sales and Show Chairman for the Manasota Weavers Guild, realized that members had few opportunities to sell or show their work and she began thinking about the possibility of producing a show highlighting the Guild’s work.

The decision was made to broaden the spectrum of the event and invite other local arts guilds to join the event. These guilds included the Florida West Coast Bead Society, Surface Design Guild Sarasota, the Venetian Society of Basket Weavers, South West Art Yarns (SWAY), newly added in 2017 was the Sarasota Shell Club – Artisan Division.  The event name was changed to Fabulous Arts Boutique to reflect the diversity of beautiful works created by artists in all the guilds.

​The Fiber Arts Boutique was graciously hosted by St. Armand’s Lutheran Church for the first four years.  Art Center Sarasota was the site of FAB from  2007 – 2013.  In 2014 – 2015 FAB was at the historic South Gate Community Center.  In 2016 FAB returned to Art Center Sarasota.